Growing up in Northern California with Dutch parents, Tineke Triggs’ designs reflect a captivating mix of her European heritage and West Coast roots. Inspired by designers who broke away from the pack, she is known for creating sophisticated, chic and eclectic interiors that incorporate imaginative details at every turn. 

An exquisite new tile collection created by renowned interior designer Tineke Triggs. Inspired by the luxury, glamour, and modernism of the Art Deco movement, its 12 distinctive designs are united in their bold geometric forms, exotic style and exuberance of a bygone era. Each design is available in 3 beautiful colorways and features uniquely large-scale patterns to allow freedom of movement and expression in the tile’s final configuration.

The DANS collection was inspired by the grace and passion of the world’s most iconic dancers.  With its geometric forms choreographed in precise movements, these unique patterns bring bold energy and rhythm to any space.

The SPEELS collection celebrates the spirit of playfulness in all we do.  Inspired by the designer’s whimsical nature and her love of unique jewelry designs, its organic shapes and jewel like forms bring a lively sense of joy to this collection.

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