Crystal Nadeau


When I think of design, I think of endless possibilities. Since my personal style is natural, effortless, and vivacious, I’m open to inspiration from sometimes surprising sources. My role at Maison is multifaceted, from design to business development—in a way, much like a constantly changing mosaic.

Jay Nadeau


 Ever since my early days of mixing thinset and setting tile, I’ve had a unique vision for how captivating and dynamic tile can be. While I’m meticulous about the fine points, I’m ultimately driven by the big picture: creating exceptional designs.

Tiffany Russo

VP  Marketing

My fresh, elegant, and detailed aesthetic is rooted in my belief that every design has both a concise and fanciful story to tell. My vision & approach synchronizes perfectly with the innovative & ever-evolving direction of Maison.

Peter Humer

VP  Sales 

 I approach everything I do with such  charisma & character It's no wonder I work with Maison. My client relation philosophy is to meet each client with honesty, integrity, & the energy they deserve. 

Kirk Hemans


Don’t let my kind easy going spirit fool you.I work diligently to streamline project programing and never met a puzzle I couldn’t solve. I apply my problem-solving skills to my every task aligning flawlessly with the creative spirit of Maison.

Larry Crittenden

Production Manager

Whether working in manufacturing oversight or material acquisition my steady nature and eye for process never tire. I bring seasoned experience and adaptability guaranteeing Maison sits at the forefront of production & technique standards.

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