Coming from an education in fine arts, David Patrick has stood on the creative side of the tile and stone industry, viewing texture, color, and history as a palette to be pushed and refined. Over the course of several decades, he has used that sensibility to team with top firms on bespoke designs and finishes for exclusive residences.

As he researched for various projects, David would make sketches and notes of directions—whether a particular design genre or simple geometric quirk—to explore independently at a later time. These notebooks have been distilled into a body of elegant designs that rely on the finely tuned manufacturing of Maison.

The Aero collection connects through geometry and curvature, evoking the midcentury industrial design of Streamline Moderne and the cellular networks of Buckminster Fuller. The reductive shapes have a flowing modularity that harmonizes with contemporary spaces. Water-jetted stone serves as the canvas for Aero, with some surprise elements—incorporating accent materials and modern finishes to create a lasting presence that transcends the trends.

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